Motorbike betting strategies

Any motorcycling betting strategy, whether in MotoGP or one of the other two categories that make up the World Championship (Moto2 and Moto3), must have knowledge at its core. We always emphasise this and in motorsport it is perhaps even more important. So, if you are not in the subject and also not willing to really learn about motorcycling, our recommendation is clear: don’t waste your time.

What types of bets can be placed on motorcycling? full top lg

While the most eagerly awaited race is of course Sunday’s race, the action in MotoGP starts much earlier. Between Wednesday and Thursday, the pre-race preparations begin to get underway with press conferences and cross declarations. From these days and even before, betting can begin.

On Friday the first two heats of free practice take place and with them it is possible to speculate on which riders will have the best chances for Sunday’s GP.

Betting on what will happen in Friday practice is probably the trickiest thing to do, as the initial trends are usually confirmed and everything becomes a little more predictable.

Usually, although we are at the mercy of any incidents, penalties or technical problems anyway, the riders who set the fastest times on Friday end up being the main protagonists throughout the weekend.

In both practice and qualifying (Saturday) we can bet on who will set the fastest time or who will set the fastest lap. In qualifying, one of the most popular bets is on who gets pole position.

As for the race, in addition to betting on the winner, a good market is the podium: betting on the top three at the end of the race offers very profitable odds. If we are not sure enough to make such an exact prediction, we can go for a specific driver to finish in the top 3 or 6; for the margin that the first will get over the second; or pit two specific drivers against each other and opt for one of them as the winner.

And if you want to risk a little more, go for who will be the first to abandon the race.

Motorbike betting tips

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If you have no doubts about your betting strategy, try to bet before Friday. What happens on Friday and Saturday can have a big influence on the fluctuation of the odds and this can be counterproductive to your interests.

Study the details of each rider. What are his strengths and weaknesses, on which circuits he is strongest, how he has fared in previous races, how he performs in different weather conditions.

Based on the previous point, analyse in detail the information about each circuit and choose your candidate accordingly.

Pay attention to the weather data in general. It is not the same whether it is 20, 30 or 40 degrees Celsius. Much less if it rains or if it doesn’t rain. Some riders are more affected by certain factors than others.

Find out about injuries, changes and problems on the bikes during the previous week or race, check statements and get a feel for the atmosphere in the run-up to the race. Also learn about the regulations and the influence of tyres, as well as the strategies of the teams, which are becoming more and more important in the outcome of the race. Often, this plus can give you the intuitive input you need to decide your winning bet.

If you bet live, keep a cool head and speculate as much as you can. Being impulsive is unlikely to lead to success in these cases and being aware of the strategies of each team is essential in this type of betting.

Finally, bear in mind that, as it is a less massive sport than others, some bookmakers do not have the best experts and do not dedicate the most time and work when it comes to setting the odds. Sometimes, if you study each situation well, this could allow you to find value bets.

Moving away from what happens specifically from Friday to Sunday, long term bets can be interesting in MotoGP. For example, betting on the winning rider or manufacturer at the end of the season is usually much more productive and profitable before the first race, essentially because the odds are higher.

After two or three races, bookmakers stick to what happens in the races and favouritisms become increasingly strong. In case it is not clear, this translates into lower and lower odds as the weeks go by.

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