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Rug-Making: A Treasured Armenian Tradition

Armenian rugs have a long and rich history that can be traced back to the 5th century BC. These rugs were made by Armenian artisans who were renowned for their skill and craftsmanship. Armenian rugs were traditionally made from wool or cotton, and they were often dyed in rich...
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Fibonacci system in tennis matches

When it comes to betting, the Fibonacci idea is to move on to the next number after a loss and go back two figures after a success. This time we are going to analyse one of its possible applications: betting on tennis matches. Ideal strategy for favourites The essence...
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Draw Martingale

One of the most popular and preferred alternatives is the draw. The point is to choose a league we know and make a thorough study of the most recent seasons. With this data we will know which teams tend to draw most often and it will be time to...
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