Online scratch cards: meet the more dynamic version of the classic tickets!

With the slogan “scratch it, you win”, it has always been a favourite with gambling fans for its low cost and high winning odds.

The Caixa Econômica Federal was responsible for the game that went from strength to strength, until, by a decree of former President Michel Temer. They were suspended nationwide. As popular as the “jogo do bicho” game.

Just as it happened when bingo was closed in our country, the orphans of the fun scratch cards migrated to its online version. Made available by casino gaming sites such as Bodog. Now you can choose your favourite scratchcard from a huge variety of themes, values and prize types! Let’s check it out?

How does an online scratch card work?

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You can now choose to play scratch cards at any time of the day! Besides being a simple game, it offers instant winnings and requires no strategy to play.

You can choose to play on a scratch card with the theme of your choice. You can choose to bet the amount of money you feel is most appropriate within the possibilities offered by the game you’ve chosen. There are so many options that it’s hard to choose which one to play!

The value of online scratch cards

The more expensive ones usually offer bigger rewards, while the cheaper ones offer smaller prizes. However, there is a greater possibility of winning. Once you have chosen your scratch card and chosen your stake (remember you must be over 18 to play!). You will use your mouse to simulate the scratching motion of the ticket.

Some games make the experience even more realistic by offering options such as a car key, coin and even a hairpin to scratch off and reveal whether or not the symbols found underneath are winning! The audio-visual aids available are sure to make your games a lot more fun!

Is there a method to play?

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Like the physical version, scratch card is a game of chance which does not require any strategic knowledge. What you do need, if you want to have a better chance of winning. Is to know the odds of the game you have chosen. These are usually described on the page where you will access the scratch card. The odds are usually 1:20; meaning that for every 20 tickets, 1 will win.

If you want to spend little money. Choose the lower value ones that may offer you a greater chance of cash prizes and other bonuses.

If you are willing to bet a higher amount, we recommend that you look for the more expensive options that will pay out by multiplying winnings several times over. According to the amount wagered. It is different from the best slots, it is a different kind of fun and can give good earnings.

What are the advantages of being online?

The advantages are many. Besides choosing the value that best suits your pocket. You can use the free versions of the games to get to know them before betting real money. In addition, you can access them 24 hours a day through computers, tablets and smartphones.

Online scratch cards are really exciting games and so fast. That it is possible to place a bet in between a game of online poker. While waiting for the bus or to distract yourself during that endless meeting at work… Come on, scratch a ticket right now and reveal your prize!

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